selected listening, spring 2021
marja ahti - the current inside (hallow ground)
mike cooper - playing with water (room40)
elaquent - bedtime stories (perchance to dream)
hallelujah chicken run band - take one (analog africa)
heshoo beshoo group - armitage road (we are busy bodies)
hey colossus - dances / curses (wrong speed)
jesu - terminus (avalanche)
eyvind kang - ajaeng ajaeng (ideologic ogan)
kmru — peel (editions mego)
jim o'rourke - steamroom 50 (bandcamp)
mamman sani - la musique electronique du niger (sahel sounds)
space afrika — hybtwibt? (bandcamp)
seasonal playlist - winter 2021
good intentions have crumbled and i find spotify a necessary evil as a workplace ally. i enjoy making seasonal playlists for friends and family in the spirit of mixtapes which were a mainstay of sharing music in small times. these collections tend to be a little less outré and more approachable than my personal listening habits. you are very welcome to listen >>>>here.