A couple of years ago I became obsessed with the concept of Sandy Bull meets King Tubby; it's still a singularly brilliant notion to which someone ought to do justice. Around the same time, I received a passel of guitar vignettes from my friend Chris Summerlin, whom I admire enormously. Chris is a fellow son of the East Midlands and currently plays guitar in one of this septic isle's greatest live acts: Hey Colossus. Although he'd hate me to say so, he has a long and storied contribution to the UK's DIY scene.

The unadorned guitar was perfect as it was: whatever violence I was able to visit upon it couldn't prevent the innate beauty permeating the result. I'm keen to stress this collection only works due to the strength of the source material. Each track dropped out of the ether virtually fully formed on the first take. The original brace of tracks has been expanded for this release.

Don't get too hung up on the dub thing - that didn't really happen here but similar techniques were used to chop, re-amp, process, and re-contextualize Chris' beautiful guitar phases. If you're into electric guitars, amplifier hiss, tape delay, and rackety old drum machines, you should get something out of it.

Seventy-seven tape copies strictly for the heads, which come in a lush gold and black riso-printed sleeve (you can pay what you like for the infinitely available digital version).